Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NiceBunny HedKase with gasmask

I'm invited for breakfast today and as the host has a.. hum.. interesting collection of gasmasks and stuff i figured, what better to bring then a NiceBunny HedKase with accessoire? Fitting for today Brian had his very own April fool with me: I printed out the bunny on A4 and thought the accessoires will fit then as well - who likes to read instructions anyway? Well... they did, somehow.. but apparently it was not correct like this. Ah well, i blame it on the strange measures they got on that lil' island to the west. ;) And the mask was the important part anyway.

With summer around the corner, it's best to prepare now. Did you ever heard about a Guerrilla Drive-in aka a MobMov (mobile movie)? It's a small movement of people that start their own public drive-in cinema. Sounds like fun? I think it is...
Start a Guerrilla Drive-in
Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In
MobMov outdoor cinema

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