Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BC Butler

My first own paper model was supposed to be a kind of kung-fu bunny (an hommage to Usagi Yojimbo), but after recently thinking about functional papertoys i got inspired by the C3 Biz Card Holder and the toxic-myk model and put the bunny on hold. Therefore i decided to create another model first, my own business card display: The BC Butler.

I tried to create the model sturdy enough to be of real use offering business cards and not to collapse after a withdrawal. An additional challenge was to split up the model as it won't fit on one page, being designed for a certain size of business cards. The model will hold approx. 50 cards in his tray. I'm not satisfied with the look of the hands holding the tray - tried to use white gloves - but I'm not much of a illustrator. I'll upload an empty model for customization tomorrow, maybe someone will create a better texture - or an alien for a scifi-shop.. hehe. Of course feedback on the model is welcome.

Download here:
BC Butler original
BC Butler blank
(just choose the FREE option)


Jun said...

Yo Brainjar! Nice work :) Finally, a paper toy with a practical purpose lol.

Im linking you up at papercraftx.com, thank you.

brainjar said...

Thanks. Sure, feel free to use it at your site.

Alen Kaminski said...

Hi Brainjar!
nice BOSS card holder :)
I want to post review about, on papertoys.ru

May i ?

brainjar said...

Sure thing, go ahead. ;) Thanks for the interest.

Ron said...

Very nice Brainjar, breaking out of the mold is definitely a plus on my book. A papercraft that is both functional and stylish. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Zeta said...

Muy simpatico... el 9/4/08, en la Home de Modelos de papel


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card holder. But I was wondering if you could make an alternative version... instead of the head, have an Apple wearing a bowler hat.

I can't remember which painter I'm thinking of, but the body of the butler matched the painting.

also, would you be willing to do a thinner version for moo.com cards?

brainjar said...

@don diego
Thanks for the link! :)

I assume you refer to René Magritte's "The Son of Man":

Well, i got a bunch of other designs in the works right now which i want to finish first before going back to older ones. It should be quite easy for anyone to cut out a few parts of the template to adjust it to the size of other business cards. For my upcoming business card sheath i was thinking about releasing them in a few different "standard" sizes, one of them being for the Moo cards.

Should i find the time to go back to the BC Butler template - and fix the hands i really don't like but will add the 3D hands i wrote about - then I'll make sure to adjust the template as well, if none posted an own version until then.

Jasmin Loire said...

Thank you for this! It was exactly what I needed for a friend's wedding. I am in the US, and while I didn't mind cutting a half-cm off of the business cards that I put in the Butler, I was wondering if it would be possible to get one made to hold US business cards.

Our cards are 51 mm × 89 mm.

Thanks. :)