Thursday, March 20, 2008

eggotastic - deranged alien egg

First day of spring, crazy things can happen... like a deranged alien egg from outer space tries to blend in by posing as a chicken egg with an eggshell hat. Here is my newest papertoy: eggotastic - the deranged alien egg.

I never intended to create this model, it just evolved from a few things i was trying out for other papertoys i was working on. The idea of the hat evolved from a kind of sword i was working on and i needed a half-round sphere-like object for it. Looking at the first tryout i thought "heh, would make a nice hat with antennae."

The body is a hexagonal bifrustum (yes, i had to look that one up as well *g*) and evolved while playing around with square-edged shapes, trying to make them look round-shaped - as those are easier to build. Together with Easter approaching the idea of an alien egg resulted in the model you can build now.

EDIT: I cleaned up the files and added a blank template. Should you create your own, drop me a comment here.

EDIT2: After i uploaded the blank template i had the idea for a pink eggotastic in a bunny disguise, added that one to the downloads as well. This version got a fur hat with bunny ears instead of the eggshell one.

Download here:
 eggotastic "green alien egg"
 eggotastic "pink bunny disguise"
 eggotastic "blank"
(just choose the FREE option)


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