Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not dead yet

Hey guys! Just a quick note that I'm still around, just had a lot of stuff going on and had not much time to work further on my papercraft. I just recently produced a high-quality print (xerox 4c laser) for the eTUI design i posted a while back and will post a few pics once i cut it. I won't have that much more time over the next two months, but I'll try to work more on the eTUI and get a few templates ready for release.

Jacque poked me on flickr and asked for a jpg of the blank eggotastic template. I uploaded one here, should anyone else need that one as a jpg.


chrischi said...

..now you ARE dead.. as it seems :P

Evilpenguinj said...

I can't get the BC Butler. The file that downloads is small and not the correct file. Can this be fixed?

brainjar said...

To me everything looks fine, files are online. Check the links in this post: