Monday, March 17, 2008

Crazy Antlor

After watching Episode 29: Paper Cuts at toybreak (and rambling a bit about Mr. "Marvin" cougar bait at nicepapertoys) i had a look at their forum and stumbled across a custom for Kenn Munk's Antlors i had not seen before. Check it out from Dr. A at, looks weird. ;)

While I'm still surprised my BC Butler design was now downloaded around 300 times already, like i expected the cookie caskets did not spark that much interest. But then again, they're not exactly papertoys.. hehe.


Dr.Shazam said...

Thanks for the find--I'm stoked to find another Antlor! Just a few days ago I almost bought a pack from Kenn Munk himself (he still sells packs,I found out). Anyway, I'll be adding this to my wall in the near future!

Dr. Shazam (a NicePaperToy acquaintance)

brainjar said...

Kenn Munk's Antlors are a great idea. If i would have enough space at my walls, I'd buy a set immediately.

Did you find other custom versions?