Thursday, March 6, 2008

scavenger hunt to involve customers/fans

Recently i had a discussion with a friend about internet marketing and ways to involve customers/fans more & regularly with your website. Beside many things like related to postcardware and others we also discussed internet scavenger hunts. It's rather easy to do and if not "overdone" it can be fun for the visitors of your website as well. But of course there has to be a carrot dangling in front of the user. Something to collect, either in parts or after collecting clues through a hidden weblink. Maybe another idea for a papertoy, to split it up in parts and hide it all over your website - even better if the parts can be used on its own or like putting together that enormous robot you always dreamed about. What is it btw that connects robots and papercraft? Seems there are tons of robot models out there.. just because of the shape?

I'm always amazed about the creative work some people do. IMO it's fun how many people start their own design lines for toys. Just a few days ago i saw some pictures from Ben's Speakerdog Exhibition At Go Go Plastic! Check out the pics and if you reside close to Birmingham i suggest you head over and have a look. great stuff - love the colorful plots!

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