Friday, February 22, 2008

e440 in DHM style

Finally i found the time to put together all the parts for the e440 in DHM style i started a few days ago. I *really* like this model... Ringo created a great template. Once the weathers turns better again (it's drizzling a lot those days) I'll take a picture for the e440 travel blog. The idea of sending in pictures of papertoys you craft reminds me a bit of Postcardware. I think I'll try to come up with an idea about a design where you have to build model 1 and send in a picture for the blog to obtain model 2 by eMail.. or something along the lines. Could be a nice idea to involve people.

I had some minor trouble with the blog layout, some graphics were hiding text behind them. If you did not realize it, probably you used Firefox like me - as i did not see it first. Hopefully all fixed now. I'm very satisfied with my "creative phases" recently, even bought a jotter to remember them. Only need time to finish at least some of them. ;)

1 comment:

brainjar said...

Hmm.. looking at the picture again, the DHM skin looks more like a cat then a squirrel. ;)