Friday, February 15, 2008

ambient art made of papercraft

I'm in the process of building the DHM version of the e440. Ringo was so nice and did send me a bunch of e440 models i asked for. Looking at his website and the adidas model he did (but does not share *sobs*, probably due to legal brand issues) it got me thinking about papermodels not being used as toys but more as a kind of art objects for the living space.
I have a friend whose living room uses a lot of black & white. Two of those adidas e440 or maybe even the DHM model would look great on his sideboard. Paper in all kinds of shapes is already being used as "ambient art" for all kinds of lamps, even Ikea has a lot of paper made lamps and those that look like it, but use plastic. So why not build more abstract paper models you can use as ambient art for your living room? I know there are lots of models out there representing all kinds of geometric shapes... just never saw one using them in his living room. And maybe even better those models could have a function, like offer a stand for your iPod (also available as boombox) or maybe a place for your keys? Should be fun to work on a model that's not just a toy, but has "function".

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