Wednesday, February 20, 2008

blank BC Butler

I cleaned up the template and added a blank BC Butler one to the post. Feel free to use/modify it - would be nice if you drop me a line if you created your own card holder. I can also post it in my blog if you wish. If you see different designs for card holders, I'm interested in a pictue/design as well.
Looking at the model again gave me a great idea for a more 3D look of the hands holding the tray. As the arms & tray are connected with a seperate piece, it should be easy to glue additional hands inside the arms as well, then you can glue them to the tray and have it look like hes really holding it. On the pic you can see the idea (which i just glued together in like 20 seconds), you get the picture. Maybe someone wants to include that in a custom design? Feel free to use that idea to your liking.

Working on the BC Butler really gave me some creative ideas on using designs with some sort of more sophisticated features or just playful ones. My next idea is rather quickly sketched out, so i expect to post it in a few days. While having a look at Alen's website (no, i don't speak Russian, but he got lots of pics to understand the content *g*) i saw a review about lens hoods made of paper and a cigarette packet flash diffuser - great ideas!

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